Things to do in Deauville during his holidays

Things to do in Deauville during his holidays

Deauville tourism

Deauville has been recognized as a perfect destination for luxurious vacation and holiday. This Normandy's commune is the place where well-heeled spends their time to have fun and do amusing things during their days off and holidays. Deauville is home to many casinos, horse racing, yachting glass, film festivals and many other entertainments.

Some of the best things to do during your holidays

  • Hit the beach

First of all, Deauville is a perfect place to enjoy the beauty and the best activities of the beach. The place has a big beach with golden sand that occupies all of the area. Hundreds of parasols are planted everywhere to protect people from the sun during their good moments at the beach. All this makes this place a good destination for relaxation and refreshment. You can also take advantage of this iconic beach to take beautiful photographs during your holidays.

  • Take a nice walk at Les Planches

About 20 minutes away from Lyon, Les Planches is a promenade which offers a real change of scenery with its natural environment, its terrace with white wood furniture at the edge of the water, its lounge area and even its mooring pontoon. A real air of holiday blows on this waterfront house of Saone's River, which takes place every Tuesday for weekly amusing evenings. A great number of young Parisians and foreigners visit this beautiful space to enjoy the special parties every week.

  • Yachting

Deauville is one of the best places to enjoy sailing tours. Thanks to the two ports, many locals and foreign visitors come to this commune and do not miss to do this fun activity. It is a perfect moment to relax and give peace to your mind through the clear blue water of English Channel.

  • Casinos

The Casino Barrière of Deauville hosts a stage of European Poker Tour in January and February, every year. This tourist hotspot, located in front of the beach, allows you to play poker, bet roulette, or try your luck with slot machines. It is also home to a theater inspired by the famous little Trianon de Marie-Antoinette.

  • Calouste Gulbenkian Park

Take hours to relax in the heart of the Calouste Gulbenkian Park. This 34-hectare park dominates the city and offers an exceptional panorama of Deauville. At the turn of the paths you will discover rose gardens, orchards and a considerable number of rare trees.

  • Honfleur

It is a commune located in the Calvados Department, in northwestern France. To complete your visit tour while staying in Normandy, you can take a nice tour around Honfleur. Many museums, churches and other buildings are there to offer a great visit and unforgettable experience. You can also take the opportunity to cross the Normandy's bridge which is one of the largest bridges in the world.

Spend a holiday in Deauville

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