Photo Focus on Deauville, a charming French city

Focus on Deauville, a charming French city

In the region of Normandy, in France, is located Deauville. This city is 2 hours of travel by train from Paris. Many visitors from outland countries are interested in this city, even the Parisians because it is a special place and only on earth. You can have the opportunity to visit it if you want.

A trip to seaside resort is not a bad option. If you plan to go to this charming French city, trust in Opodo; which is an online travel agency; to take care of your travel and your stay. Deauville has a lot of interesting things and attractive spots to discover. Here are some of the best attractions in Deauville:

Good place for the water sports

Deauville has a large beach where many water sports can be done. The beach measures 600 km. Its sand is clean. Can you imagine all sports and hobbies that you can do and you can see there? Handball, beach soccer, stand-up paddle, Kayak are the most popular.

Swimming is possible in the sea as in the swimming pool. When you feel tired of playing in the sea, you can also go to the swimming pool because it is not far from the side front. Deauville is well known thanks to the existence of horse racing each year.

The beauty of colored parasol

Colored parasols differentiate Deauville from other beaches. In Fleurie, one of the most attractive beaches in Deauville, the beach is full essentially of 4 colors: blue, red, orange, and white.

The beauty of this is immense with the blue sea that imitates the color of sky. Sitting on your deckchair or mattress under the parasol on reading or relaxing or drinking with friends increase your longing to stay more. You can also walk along the beach under the colored parasol. You can hire your best one from nearby hotels that you have booked for your stay.

American film festival

Since 1975, American film festival has been taking place in Deauville. This choice is made due to the charm that this area has. If you stay there during this festival, you must meet one of the famous American actors.

How to find a house there?

It is a common problem for all. People want to spend their holidays in Deauville but they don't have any family or friends in the area. With holiday companies, the problem is solved. Before going to a new place like Deauville, a lot of things have to be brought and well-prepared.

A house is then necessary. But don't worry, it will not be difficult to you to find the right location for your stay. Opodo is recommended to you. It is the most popular agency because it cooperates with many hotels all over the world. They are always available and are ready to respond your needs about your accommodation.

There is nothing to worry if you choose them to suggest the best place in the time of your sojourn. You can book distant. If you need more information, you can visit their website. They exist to serve you and they are everywhere for you.